Restructuring homebuilders / real estate developments and positioning them for future sustainable success is what we do. The Harmony Development Group, LLC team has the pedigree and proven track record of producing results. We
specialize in designing and implementing the strategic and tactical solutions necessary to maximize enterprise value for all stakeholders. At Harmony Development Group, LLC we are guided by the following principals:

At Our Core We are Team Builders

We align our approach to the needs of our client. We quickly establish credibility with all stakeholders by
building “a team” environment. We understand that change can be difficult and for it to be long lasting the needs of all stakeholders must be considered.

We Measure Our Success by RESULTS

Our group is defined by individuals who have a proven track record of producing results. We understand that our
success is predicated on the results we can produce for our clients. We are comfortable with the development and
implementation of quantitative benchmarks.

We are Defined by Creative Thought Balanced by Experience

We believe that the best leaders balance intuitive thought with data driven decision-making. Each engagement has the personal involvement of a principal of Harmony Development Group, LLC.