Rural Lots Available

The lot information below is subject to change and is preliminary until final approval by the local governing agencies. Please enter your contact information below if you'd like to receive status updates of these rural lots. Updates will include estimated time of completion, lot design layouts, pricing changes, and updated lot counts.

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Commercial Point
Nearest Intersection: St. Rt. 762 and Route 104 (43116) – – – – Project Status: Planning and Zoning

Available Lots: TBD – – – – – – – – Listing Price: TBD – – – – – – – – Lot Size: TBD

Fancher Road
Nearest Intersection: Fancher Rd. and St. Rt. 605 (43082) – – – – Project Status: Planning and Zoning

Available Lots: TBD – – – – – – – – Listing Price: $110,000 to $130,000 – – – – – – – – Lot Size: 3 to 5 acres

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